Hair Extensions in Chennai

Today it’s a world of modernization people are adopting various modern and creative things coming into the market. Now people are not unaware of things happening in the world because of continuous development in digitalization people become smart enough. Now they can differentiate which is good and bad for them, which thing to adopt or leave.

This generation is full of innovation, we have seen a huge development in technologies as well as in fashion and styling. People in this generation are not only updated with the knowledge they are upgraded in styles. As we all know style and trends begin with celebrities, film stars, models and famous personalities, they who set the style statement.

People saw many celebrities and famous personalities on TV, Magazines, and News Papers and on the internet with various trendy dresses and different hairstyles. May it fans or other people they always want to look like film stars and they follow their dressing and hairstyle. Wearing trendy dresses is not an issue but following their hairstyle can be a hassle for your natural hair.

Hairstyle products or styling equipment can surely cause damage to existing hair, hairstyles without hair damage are like dream come true but it’s no more dream hair extensions have made it a reality. With Hair extensions, a number of hairstyles are possible and not cause any damage to own hair. If you are thinking about cost let us tell you they are not at all expensive and they last long if maintained appropriately.

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Follow your favorite star hairstyle without any worry of damage. We Wig Designs International offer a broad variety of hair extensions in Chennai at most competitive prices. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality hair extensions. A customer can avail from us various types of hair extensions such as tape in extensions, keratin hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, clip-on hair extensions, etc.

We take small and bulk orders from all over India, we are a very popular name in the industry involved in offering hair wefts, hair wigs, bulk human hairs, and hair extensions. We also offer advanced hair treatments like bonding and fixing of hairs without surgery.

The superior quality, durable nature, affordable price, natural look, low maintenance, and wide variety made our hair extensions preferred choice of customers all over the nation. Hassle free application process and very easy to remove. These are acknowledged among clients for providing instant hair length, volume, style and desired color.

Our ordering process is very simple, one can order hair extensions according to their requirements. We offer various payment options to customers which will make the process of buying hassle-free and safe. If you have any query running in your mind related to hair extensions just drop us an email or contact our hair experts to get an appropriate answer.

To meet the increasing demand of our valuable clients we also undertake customization. Fulfill your dream of getting different hairstyles with various textures. Get the complete undetectable natural look by using hair extensions.

Reasons to buy Hair Extensions

Most of the people are unable to grow long hairs, this may be due to genetics or due to damaged hairs or they are suffering from any diseases or condition. A wig is suggestible only if you’re suffering from baldness, if you have thin, weak or short hairs then extensions are the best answer for you. If cared properly, they don’t harm your natural hair as long as they are fixed and offer you instant length and volume and comes in various colors, lengths, and styles.

Add a ton of thickness and volume with our hair extensions in Chennai, they are not only used to get the desired hair length also used for fashion styling. There are some looks as well as styles that are only done with the help of hair extensions. In case you need to add highlights it is achievable only with carefully chosen extensions, without taking a chance with the potential side effects of using hair dyes.

Factors to Consider While Buying Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a simple and fast method to get additional volume and length. In the event that you've never worn extensions, it will be little difficult for you to buy them. Actually, not every hair extensions are made an equivalent. There is a number of lengths, textures, colors, and styles. The cost isn't the main contrast between quality and standard extensions. There are numerous different interesting points to consider. Look at some at important factors for purchasing the ideal hair extensions

  1. Natural Human or Synthetic
  2. Both options are great, but human hair extensions look natural compared to the synthetic one you can style your locks easily as usual.

  3. Various Hair Styles
  4. There is a number of extensions available for different hair styles. So while buying consider some hairstyles you often wear and buy accordingly.

  5. Shedding Test
  6. Shedding is one among the biggest issues with extensions. It's essential that you examine hair extensions prior you buy them.

  7. Quality Test
  8. Hair extensions need unique care so be careful the extensions you are going to order or purchase are of superior quality.

  9. Hair color
  10. Picking the suitable hair color is a difficult task. Today, there are lots of colors, highlights and low-lights are available so you can pick the right shade for you.

  11. Length
  12. While purchasing extensions, pay attention to the length remember it should be the same length.

  13. Thickness
  14. Same as length, from top to bottom the density or thickness of hair extensions should be the exact too. Buy only if there are no gaps in between the hair.

  15. Texture
  16. Hair extensions come in various textures like curly, straight and wavy. It's difficult to change them so pick the texture that suits your own texture.

Hair Extensions Aftercare Tips

1. So first thing is don’t shampoo or wash your hair too much. We suggest washing hair infrequently using a mild shampoo make your hair smooth and smell fresh. Don’t rinse or wash your hairs with hard or mineral intense water because it will harm bonds or make the hair condition bad.

2. Second sleep only after your extensions are completely dry, tie it in a loose ponytail or you can braid hair. Remember don’t sleep with wet hair.

3. You have to main extensions like how you maintain your natural hair, don’t use heat equipment regularly.

4. Don’t use products that lighten an original color, straighten natural curl or create waves. Avoid chemical hair processing.


Who Can Provide Me Best Hair Extensions?

There are several firms in India who offer superior quality hair extensions and we Wig Designs International are one of them. We offer a wide variety of hair extensions which will give wearer natural and trendy look in no time. Our hair extensions are capable to fulfill all your hairstyle, hair color, hair density and hair length needs.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions come in various types and styles so the price varies from style to style and type to type and cost is vary from synthetic to human hair extensions. Hair extensions made from human hairs are expensive from extensions made of synthetic hairs.

How Long Hair Extensions Last?

Durability completely depends on the quality of hair extensions you buy and it also depends on how they are cared and maintained. Compared to synthetic hair extensions human hair extensions last longer.

Whether Hair Extensions Are Harmful Natural Hairs?

No hair extensions will not damage your natural hairs, in fact, they protect your hairs from pollution, impurities, sun and styling tools, and styling hair products. By applying them you can save your hairs from harmful chemical hair products.

Can I Get Hair Extensions In The Desired Color?

Hair extensions come in the varied color you can pick the color you want. You can achieve the desired hair color or give your favorite texture to it. There are plenty of color available buy as per your requirement.

Will Hair Extensions Maintenance Is Complicated?

Maintenance of hair extensions is easy, one is not required to spend a great time to maintain it. It can be maintained following a few easy steps. It will not hurt your pocket or not consume much time.

Why Hair Extensions Are Advisable For Styling?

By using hair extensions for styling you can save your valuable time which you are going to spend in salon’s and it enables you to save money which is required spend for getting the desired hairstyle. It is advisable because it will help you to achieve the hairstyle you want in no time and save your hair from styling tools too.

Whether The Application Of Hair Extensions Is Complicated?

There are various types of hair extensions available like a tape in, clip in, clip on, keratin, etc. application varies from type to type. Hair extensions are not so much complicated to apply if learn application process carefully. It can be applied at home also without taking help of hair experts or professionals.

Tape In Extensions

Our Tape In extensions are made with pure 100% remy human hair and premium hypoallergenic tape adhesive that is strong, safe and non-damaging. Our remy tape in hair extension collection features genuine remy human hair that lasts wash after wash, up to 1 year of wear! Our remy tape extensions are made with a brand new anti-shedding technology which allows the hair to be reapplied up to 3-4 applications.

We have over 35 colors and multiple lengths available to chose from. Each pack has 20 pieces per pack. You can combine colors to create a highlighted look or a multidimensional look. Great for those who are in between shades and want to combine colors. For a full look you will need 2-4 packs.