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Pioneers in the industry, we offer hair bonding in Hyderabad for your baldness or hair loss problem. This treatment is customized by our professionals for an undetectable look. Offered Hair Bonding treatment is more appreciated by patrons for their soft texture, natural and trendy look. Technique for this is ordinarily polished when hair just exists back of the scalp and sides and front crown of the scalp zone is relatively bare. Bonding of the hair is finished with a standard silicon compound and afterward, the bonded hair is merged with your current hair.

It is a Non-Surgical system of hair replacement. It includes shaving off the bald area of the scalp. This is trailed by affixing a silicon bond on the scalp. One can wash, brush, oil or cleanser the hair with no fear of harming the scalp. Since silicon delicate bond is used in this procedure, it is additionally referred to as Hair Silicon Bonding.

It encourages you to add volume as well as vibrant streaks of artificial hair to your original hair. An exceptional adhesive is utilized to stick tracks of hair to the roots of your original hair. It should be guaranteed this isn't left as it is for longer than possibly 14 days else, it could avoid harm to your common hair.

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All You Need To Know About Hair Bonding

Hair bonding is an excellent solution for a baled person. It's simple and reasonable. Hair loss or baldness can be caused by several reasons like genetic problems, unhealthy lifestyle, traumatic damage, fungal Infection etc.

Hair bonding treatment provides you with the desired outcome in a single sitting and offers a beautiful and cool look to you. There are plenty of best saloons offer Hair bonding services at affordable rates and Wig Designs International is one of them. Hair Bonding is completely safe for your head. It can satisfy you with a headful hair and helps you to regain your confidence back

Why Hair Bonding Treatment?

  • Unnoticeable and Undetectable
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Most Comfortable
  • Hair Type - Straight, Wavy & Curly
  • Real Human Hair Makeover
  • Can Be Customized
  • Non-Surgical
  • Done by World Class Professionals
hair Bonding in hyderabad

Hair Bonding Cost?

Hair bonding cost varies person to person and saloon to saloon we at Wig Designs International provide hair bonding that suits your own hair and gives you natural looking hair. We use advanced technology to treat baled persons. Hair bonding treatment provides you with long, short, combed forward or back hair.

The remarkable thing of this method is the versatility, unlike when anyone starts losing hair, he or she is not restricted to a single hairstyle. With this process, you can have your desired hairstyle any time. You can go for short, long, combed back or forward hair. The options are endless. In many cases, customers are provided the chance to try various looks. They can just bring the images of their young times and had a head full hair or styles that they like.

Important Hair Bonding Tips

Do Not Wet Hair

Once you have done with the process of hair bonding, it is suggestible not to wet your hair at least for 3 days. This is essential to follow it make your hair last for long period, you have to avoid social meets or parties that can make your hair wet.

Dot Not Tie

Not only avoiding hair getting from wet another vital fact that must take into account is tiding of hair. It is suggestible that you should not tie your hair for minimum 3 days. Even don’t try putting it behind your ears.

Way of Sleeping

It is essential to keep your hair straightly puts over your bed or influence it to dangle till the floors straightly. You should ensure that your head isn't catching your hair.

Cleanser and Conditioner

Utilizing shampoo and conditioner of a decent brand is very essential soon after these 3 days. It is vital to utilize the cleanser and conditioner of a similar organization. It is important to apply the hair conditioners till the hair tip for a time of 5 minutes. From that point forward, you should wash off your hair and ensure there is no residue.

Condition Your Hair Once In Seven Days

It is vital to condition your hair once in seven days. You can likewise put a mask to get a shining hair. It is essential to keep the hair mask for quite a while. After that, you can effortlessly wash your hair and get it towel dry. Conditioner and hair mask is extremely vital for your hair. Both of these will bring back your glow in hair once again.

Don’t Use Electric Instruments

It isn't at all great to heat your hair with any electric instruments available in the market. It is not suggestible to use even a dryer. Use only a cold source of energy to dry hair. You can stand in sunlight and allow your hair to dry naturally. It will be suggestible to use brush fewer times and delicately so your hair remains great even after long years of hair bonding activity. Greater movement in hair can cause strain.

For more details and information on Hair Bonding treatment visit Wig Designs International unisex hair loss solutions studio.


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"I am really happy about the hair service got from wigdesignsinternational. They were very professional and very service oriented. So thankful for the management for taking such a personal care."

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"Excellent service from somajiguda and highly expertised technicians.Understanding customer requirements and fullfillng the needs of customer."

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"One of the top quality hair replacement company in Hyderabad. Customer satisfaction is always considered as a top priority. Providing the best products with an economy price tags is always a challenge and Wig Designs are achieving it by progressing with 100% customer satisfaction and after sales support. Keep up the good work and all the very best!!!"

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"I was taken hair extensions it's looks more natural & the quality of hair is very nice....."

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