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Hair Bonding in Chennai

Hair bonding is the excellent art of combining artificial hair with natural hair that gives you the most natural look. It is a quick and painless way of enhancing the hair length, through this non- surgical process natural looking head full hair can be best accomplished. Hair bonding treatment is low in cost compared to hair replacement surgery and it is broadly acknowledged among the clients. You can go for this treatment if you are facing hair thinning conditions.

We have well-trained hair expert team to provide best hair bonding in Chennai, suitable to cover up any grade of hair loss. When it comes to the versatility of hairstyle options hair bonding is a perfect solution. We provide this treatment for both male and female who are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning.

Why Hair Bonding?

It’s a simplest, fastest and advanced method to get rid of hair loss or baldness. This process of hair restoration is known for immediate outcomes and viewed as the most comfortable way. The great part of this method or treatment is the versatility. When anyone starts losing hair, he or she is not restricted to one hairstyle.

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This method allows you to change your hair style anytime. You can pick long or short hair, endless variations are available. We are a pioneer in treating baldness and restoring your hair by hair bonding treatment.

When does Hair Bonding need to be done?

If you are suffering from one of the below condition then step in “Wig Design International” and go out with natural, real and beautiful looking hairs.

  • Loss of hairs in patches.
  • Abnormal hair loss in a frontal area.
  • If you’re bald.
  • Hairs exist only in back and sides.
  • Abnormally thinning of hairs.
  • Depletion and Disappearance of receding hairline.
  • Loss of hairs in the crown area.
hair bonding in Chennai

How is it done?

The superior quality human hair is picked to suit your existing hair with three essential characteristics included: density, style, and color. These factors are vital in satisfaction of patrons. We understand every hairstyle is varied and expectations are different from person to person, an appointment is necessary for analyzing what is required to make you look appealing it can be.

The process begins with taking hair samples to match color and wave. Information is then collected to build the look what the client desires. A few essential criteria to provide the best look is facial structure, age, and shape of the head.

Essential facts about Hair Bonding

  1. The most famous way of treating baldness.
  2. The most acknowledged hair restoration process all over the country.
  3. Excellent procedure to achieve natural looking hair.
  4. Bonding hair is blended skillfully with your current hairs on head.
  5. It is done analyzing kind of your hairs, like the color, texture, and shape of the crown.
  6. You can decide the hairstyle and hair thickness.
  7. Wig Design International has various hair forms to pick from.
  8. One Million person's settle on hair holding each year to get rid of hair loss and baldness.
  9. Hair bonding needs re-setting in between 1 to 3 months. Hair bonding resetting depends on PH level, sweating of the scalp and weather conditions.

Hair Fixing in Chennai

Today hair loss has become biggest fearing factor in the world, numerous people have lost their hair because of various reasons such as allergies, skin disease or genetics and many of these individuals pick a hair fixing treatment, but you should know all the things clearly before going for this treatment.

Wig Design International is one of the best firms which provides solutions to all hair related issues. So, if you want to go for hair fixing in Chennai, then contact us to get the best service. Our professionals will help you with any issue and they are dedicated as well as committed to giving remarkable solutions to each of the patients all over the nation. With hair fixing treatment there is no doubt that patients will get their personality and confidence back.

Before going for hair fixing treatment know all about it……

Hair Fixing Meaning

It is a non-surgical procedure and it is done by professionals and experts. In this method firstly hair experts measure the hair loss section or area after that hair system is fixed on the scalp with the help of tapes or silicon bonds. This fixing lasts on the scalp up to 4 or 5 weeks.

It will not affect your regular activities such as oiling, shampooing, play sports and swimming. This is a natural, easy, hassle-free and result oriented method. It allows you to perform your daily activities without any worry.

Hair Fixing Solution for Baldness

Hair fixing is the best treatment for hair loss or thinning hair. After this treatment you can do your standard activities like driving, playing sports and enjoying swimming, oiling, shampooing and so on without removing the hair system. It is a semi-permanent solution because it will last for a few weeks again it gets released up.

Hair Fixing Benefits

  • No reactions;
  • Hair fixing can be done without surgery;
  • Helpful for men and females permanent baldness or thinning of hair or experiencing hair loss;
  • Hair fixing is a perfect solution for partial hair loss or complete baldness;
  • Hair fixing procedure will not take much time and done without any reactions;
  • Enjoy natural-looking results;
hair fixing in Chennai

Why Wig Design International for Hair Fixing Treatment?

If you are at the stage where the large balding area to be covered, at that point our non-surgical hair replacement method could be excellent for you. We offer customized solutions to our valued clients as per their needs.

Our non-surgical hair replacement treatment helps you to accomplish a natural looking and stylish head full of hair without any restrictions to your lifestyle. We have a team of professionals to analyze your scalp and hair and give a treatment for the end result that matches your demands in regards to age and style. After this treatment, you can able to get the desired look and achieve an uncompromised outcome with non-surgical hair replacement method.

Non-surgical hair fixing way is the quickest and most fruitful method to getting a head full of natural appearing hair. Consult a hair fixing specialist of Wig Design International for an effective and efficient cure. Call or Email us for Hair Fixing Treatment, before it’s too late.

Hair Extensions in Chennai

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Most of the people are unable to grow long hairs, this may be due to genetics or due to damaged hairs or they are suffering from any diseases or condition. A wig is suggestible only if you’re suffering from baldness, if you have thin, weak or short hairs then extensions are the best answer for you. If cared properly, they don’t harm your natural hair as long as they are fixed and offer you instant length and volume and comes in various colors, lengths, and styles.

Add a ton of thickness and volume with our hair extensions in Chennai, they are not only used to get the desired hair length also used for fashion styling. There are some looks as well as styles that are only done with the help of hair extensions. In case you need to add highlights it is achievable only with carefully chosen extensions, without taking a chance with the potential side effects of using hair dyes.

Factors to Consider While Buying Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a simple and fast method to get additional volume and length. In the event that you've never worn extensions, it will be little difficult for you to buy them. Actually, not every hair extensions are made an equivalent. There is a number of lengths, textures, colors, and styles. The cost isn't the main contrast between quality and standard extensions. There are numerous different interesting points to consider. Look at some at important factors for purchasing the ideal hair extensions

  1. Natural Human or Synthetic
  2. Both options are great, but human hair extensions look natural compared to the synthetic one you can style your locks easily as usual.

  3. Various Hair Styles
  4. There is a number of extensions available for different hair styles. So while buying consider some hairstyles you often wear and buy accordingly.

  5. Shedding Test
  6. Shedding is one among the biggest issues with extensions. It's essential that you examine hair extensions prior you buy them.

  7. Quality Test
  8. Hair extensions need unique care so be careful the extensions you are going to order or purchase are of superior quality.

  9. Hair color
  10. Picking the suitable hair color is a difficult task. Today, there are lots of colors, highlights and low-lights are available so you can pick the right shade for you.

  11. Length
  12. While purchasing extensions, pay attention to the length remember it should be the same length.

  13. Thickness
  14. Same as length, from top to bottom the density or thickness of hair extensions should be the exact too. Buy only if there are no gaps in between the hair.

  15. Texture
  16. Hair extensions come in various textures like curly, straight and wavy. It's difficult to change them so pick the texture that suits your own texture.

Hair Extensions Aftercare Tips

1. So first thing is don’t shampoo or wash your hair too much. We suggest washing hair infrequently using a mild shampoo make your hair smooth and smell fresh. Don’t rinse or wash your hairs with hard or mineral intense water because it will harm bonds or make the hair condition bad.

2. Second sleep only after your extensions are completely dry, tie it in a loose ponytail or you can braid hair. Remember don’t sleep with wet hair.

3. You have to main extensions like how you maintain your natural hair, don’t use heat equipment regularly.

4. Don’t use products that lighten an original color, straighten natural curl or create waves. Avoid chemical hair processing

Hair Bonding from experts

Bonding is a popular method and a great way to add volume . Tracks of hair are glued to the roots of your own hair with a special adhesive. Bonding can also be done by attaching toupees (and custom wigs) with a medical grade to your natural hair.


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