Hair Extensions in Hyderabad

Wig Designs International have come up with exclusive hair extensions in Hyderabad which will take your beauty to the next level. Our hair extensions are lightweight and are best to get voluminous hair immediately. We offer excellent quality extensions which are frizz free and save you from damaging natural hairs. It offers you hassle-free hairstyle options, great length, and various texture.

Now hairstyles are not restricted to models and actresses with our extensions you can style, play with colors and also stay away from hair damage. Our extensions are a perfect blend of beauty and style, these are the brilliant answer for styling people and who are suffering from hair thinning issue.

Whether it is a party, wedding or any other social event we always wish to look distinct from others. Along with a proper dress you require suitable hairstyle to look perfect but we all know excess styling cause hair damage. Here hair extensions fit perfect they not only offer you the desired hairstyle but also protects your hair from getting damaged due to styling.

No doubt today hair extensions are becoming most loveable hair accessory of women wardrobes, they are various types of hair extensions we deal in like tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, clip on hair extensions, keratin hair extensions etc.

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Hair extensions at Wig Designs International are pocket-friendly, they help you to protect your precious hairs from heat, dust, styling tools, dyes, colors, sprays etc. it allows you to style your hair but not at the cost of your natural hair.

Hair damage is a big barrier women face while going for different hairstyle and colors but hair extensions made styling not only easy, affordable but also damage free. We understand how much you value your hairs.

We at Wigs Designs International provides you great hairstyle choices with different colors so that you can define your style statement hassle free. Our extensions are easily applied and remove and not require huge or expensive maintenance.

Add hair extensions in your hair accessory list and try hairstyles you always dreamed of. There are plenty of styles you can pick from wavy, straight, curly, etc. we guarantee that our range will not at all pinch your pocket hard.

Hurry up to buy from a wide collection and begin styling your hairs with clipping, taping or gluing. If you are first time buyer and don’t know the procedure to apply, remove and maintain contact us we will guide you throughout the process. If you have any query related to hair extensions you can contact us or shoot us an email we will answer your queries shortly.

Wig Designs International is a very popular hair studio, it is well known for offering hair loss treatments for hair loss sufferers. We have adept hair experts who have enough experience and unique strategies to cure hair problems. We have immense knowledge and expertise in treating hair loss issues with advanced treatments. Order our superior quality hair extensions to get rid of hectic hairstyle processes.

Hair Extensions do’s by experts

Hair extensions add immediate length, thickness and volume to your own hair. You need to ensure you're treating them properly so they'll come for a long time and continue making you look awesome. It isn't difficult to maintain your hair extensions look extraordinary, just follow few steps. It will give a long life to hair extension!

  • You can try it for special events and occasions. It fulfills your dream hairstyle by providing you with long and thick enough hair.
  • Initially use around 40 strands so you can get a clear idea and feel of them after that you can decide you want to increase or decrease strands, it is based on the volume you want.
  • You can try Clip in extensions for a safe option to the needle as well as thread. Simple to fix and take out.
  • Remember, go to an experienced stylist because he or she will apply extensions to your hair in an undetectable way.
  • This is an important thing you have to do maintain your hair extensions and that is schedule appointments with experts every six to eight weeks.
  • Do brush or comb 2 to 3 times each day and before wetting or showering hair. In one hand hold the roots of your hair and brush gently in a downward motion with another hand.
  • Do ignore salty or chlorinated water. Because they hurt your extensions simply like they hurt your real hair.
  • Do apply any sprays or oils starting from the midshaft, keeping away from the bonds. Leave-in conditioners and moisturizing oils are best in the event that extensions are feeling dry.

Hair Extensions Pros

  1. Great Lengths
  2. These are best for a woman who always dreamed of longer and fuller hair. Now with the hair extensions, she can get require or great length instantly. She doesn’t need to wait for 3 to 4 months to grow hair naturally.

  3. Added Volume
  4. Extensions provide a perfect solution for those who are facing hair thinning problem. It will add volume, texture, thickness, and density to your natural hair without harming it and offer you thick and beautiful natural looking hairs.

  5. Quick Fix
  6. These are easy to fix and remove, with minimal time and effort you can have the hair you always wished.

  7. Allows Experiment
  8. It allow you to do varied hairstyles and hair colorings without causing any damage to your real hair.

  9. Adds Confidence
  10. There are lots of people unhappy with their hair, wearing extensions gives the great appearance, change personality and builds confidence by making you feel great about yourselves again.

Why Us?

To address the issues and prerequisites of customers, we are offering high quality hair extensions in Hyderabad. These services are done under the guidance of industry certified experts, who have affluent experience in this field. Owing to their timely implementation, adaptability, and reliability, these services are extensively loved in the market.

Our range is well known among our valuable patrons for its remarkable features like skin friendly, fine quality, easy to clean, comfortable to wear, shiny appearance, natural look, easy usage, and immaculate finish, highly silky. Offered hair extension is thoroughly tested against various parameters of quality in order to offer a flawless range to the customers. These are available at cost effective prices and used in movies, fashion industry, and plays. By using advanced technology, our experts process the extensions according to the latest market trends.

Buying hair extensions is a smart idea!

It is known to every one hair extensions are a quick and easy way to achieve extra length and volume. If you are never tried extensions because of damage worry then keep aside all your worries and buy hair extensions. For the first time, users buying extensions will be a tough task. Hair extensions come with varied length, style, color, and textures and it has different types which will put a buyer in confusion. The price also varies depending on standard and quality. There are various points a buyer should remember while buying extensions like a style, type of hair, its volume, size, hair color, texture, and quality.

Buying hair extensions is considered as a smart idea because a number of people can’t grow hairs fast, voluminous and long due to several reasons such as a genetic disorder or any diseases or because of damaged hairs. Wigs can be the best option for complete hair loss sufferers but who have weak, short or thin hairs can go for hair extensions. They last longer if they are the best quality and cared properly. They will not cause any harm or damage to existing hairs. Just by fixing them one can get desired hair length and volume instantly. Here one who loves styling doesn’t require to compromise because they are available in a number of lengths, colors, styles, and textures.

Include a huge amount of thickness and volume with our hair extensions in Hyderabad, they are not just used to get the ideal hair length additionally utilized for styling. There are a few looks & styles that are achieved with the help of extensions.


We frequently get queries about hair extensions and some of them are listed below along with answers

1. Will hair extensions damage natural hairs?

Don’t worry applying hair extensions will not cause any damage to your own hairs, but it requires proper care, we suggest a day to day care along with weekly care. We additionally suggest that you altogether investigate your hair attachments each five to seven weeks, both so as to empower you to make the most of your long hair as far as might be feasible, yet in addition to keeping away from tangled attachments and pointless wear on both the extensions and your common hair.

2. How durable hair extensions are?

It depends upon hair extensions type and how you take care of it, tape in hair extensions are usually last up to six to eight weeks, if we talk about glue in hair extensions they last up to four to eight weeks and when it comes to protein bonded extensions they last minimum six to eight weeks. The only type of extension that last long are clip-in extensions, after all, you are not wearing them each and every day

3. How much hair extensions cost?

The cost of hair extensions varies based on the type and the quality you pick. It might be a smart thought to be careful about what quality to pick while buying hair extensions. Luxury hairs are expensive, but if you realize that you will utilize extensions over and over, that hair can be reused. Luxury hair quality is better, which implies that it will last more. If you pick original hair, you'll get a progressively reasonable cost point with a somewhat shorter life expectancy than Luxury hair.

4. How to wash hair extensions?

Always brush or comb and detangle extensions before washing. Wash hair extensions with proper care keeping your head. Delicately rub the scalp and the attachment place from root to the tips. Use a mild shampoo which will wash as well as moisturize it. Wash them once a week or every three days if your hairs are oily.

5. Method to dry hair extensions?

Remember not to brush or comb or unravel hair when they are wet. Dampen your hair extensions wet hair mildly with a towel. At that point, dry finger head directly into the dryer upside down, after that continue to the styling with the comb when they dry up to 80%.

6. How to comb hair extensions?

Brush delicately from the base up, taking your hair. On the off chance that you feel a root hub, softly separate extensions. Try not to pass the brush or brush attachment focuses. Try not to pull too hard when you feel protection from brushing in light of the fact that the weight can get hair extensions or more regrettable force your root if extensions resist. It is likewise critical not to scratch excessively strong at the root not to break or harm your extensions.

7. Where to buy best hair extensions?

Be careful while buying hair extensions because there are several companies in the market who offer very low-quality hair extensions which will not last long and pinch your pocket. But we Wig Designs International are very trusted name in the market we manufacture and supply only the best quality hair extensions to the customers. Our range is praised among clients all over the country due to its excellent quality, long lasting feature, natural look, and affordable rates. Our hair extensions are used by various celebrities and film actors also which indicates how best quality we serve. To know more about our hair extensions or to place an order contact us.

Keratin Extensions

Keratin Hair Extensions, Tape-in Hair Extensions all 100% Remy Human Hair Our hair Extensions strives to bring you the most options when it comes to keratin hair extensions. For years, we have taken great pride in providing one of the largest selections of keratin hair extensions . We have our presence worldwide.