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We were awarded with ISO for the standards we maintain in manufacturing  wigs

Wig Designs International

Wig Designs International is one of the best firms in offering a comprehensive gamut of human hair wigs and non surgical hair restoration in Bangalore, such as men's hair wig, women's hair wig, kid’s hair wig, hair patches, chemotherapy wigs, Alopecia wigs, hair fixing/bonding and so on. Offered hair solutions are formed using premium quality hair and advanced machines and equipment. These are highly demanded by the customers due to their lustrous appearance, high strand strength, smooth touch and natural look. With the combined effort of our hi-tech machines and experts, we are outstanding in fulfilling the bulk requirements of the customers within the assigned time-frame. Customized versions of our products and services are also provided as per the requirements of our prestigious customers. Our patrons can avail these human hair wigs / Non surgical hair attachments at market-leading prices without compromising their quality.

We have gained huge popularity for providing the best service and solutions for hair problems. To serve the variegated demands of our valuable customers, we are exceptionally fascinated in giving qualitative grade hair fall treatment, hair loss treatment, hair fall solutions, hair bonding services, hair fixing services, hair replacement systems and hair extensions in India and other countries. The offered services are broadly valued by our esteemed customers for its quality and results.

The firm is supported by highly skilled and experienced professionals which enabled us in developing these wigs according to the current market trends. We have garnered a huge client base for ourselves due to the optimum quality, state-of-the-art facilities, timely delivery, advanced technology, dexterous team.

As part of CSR activity wigdesigninternational also provided free wigs for cancer patients in tie up with cancer hospitals across india also has tied with NGO for hair donation and providing free wigs.

Our Expertise Lies in

Hair Bonding In Bangalore, India

Hair Bonding

It is a popular type of temporary hair weaving and a perfect way to add volume and color streaks to your original hair. Wig Design International is the best and a top player in the field of hair treatment. We are well-known and established one-stop destination servicing all over India.

We put a lot of efforts to keep ourselves updated to meet the international standards in hair care and hair treatments. With our services, treatments and solutions we have satisfied a huge number of customers suffering from hair loss.

Due to excellent and cost-effective hair bonding in Bangalore firm has successfully attained a vast base of customers, day by day which is growing continuously.

Why Hair Bonding at Wig Design International?

Hair loss or baldness is a very common problem in a world it is because of stress and lifestyle imbalance. It is nothing but adding hair to your natural hair to cover baldness, it is a non-surgical procedure to cure as well as to treat baldness and thinning hair.

It is one of the best ways to boost the hair length, it is painless, non-surgical way to add hairs to your natural hair. The hair bonding solution we provide is great to change your look and helps to regain your confidence. While providing this treatment our experts will work carefully to not damage your original hair.

We have adept professionals to provide an ideal solution for hair problems and to handle hair bonding treatment smartly. We use the advanced clipping technology to fix hair strands to your natural hair and gives you a realistic look. We understand how important it is to have headful hairs to look best do not wait, Please visit us for Baldness or hair loss treatment and to get expert advice to clarify all confusions before you start. For more information Book a Consultation!

Hair Fixing In Bangalore, India

Hair Fixing is a non-surgical way that will improve your look. It is a cost-effective and alternative compared with a medical procedure. The great part is hair fixing provides your hair that will look and feel simply like your original hair, however, will have the more noteworthy flexibility in styling. You are not a single person hair loss afflicts the number of individuals and lots of them are frustrated because they spent a lot of time and money for the guaranteed result but not got.

We provide the best quality hair fixing in Bangalore, India at reasonable rates. With a motto best quality, optimum cost and timely service Wig Design International are focused on making a difference to its client’s life by settling all hair problems to their satisfaction.

Hair Fixing

Why most of people going for hair fixing?

Today hair loss or baldness becomes a general problem in youngsters and if we neglect the hair fall issue in the beginning stage it may cause permanent hair loss or baldness. All have hair fall but everyone will not get the baldness it is because the rate of hair fall is equal to the rate of hair growth. If rate of hair fall increases than hair growth, then it leads to complete hair loss or baldness so it’s very essential to cure the issue of hair fall at the initial stage later it’s almost impossible to regrow your natural hair, in this case the only option to treat the baldness is hair fixing or hair replacement.

There are numerous purposes behind hair fall which incorporate pressure, unhealthy diet, bad habits like drinking alcohol or smoking cigarette, and other medical illness like diabetes, thyroid or hereditary.

It is a non-invasive way to cure the partial baldness and it is also a customized solution for both men & women. It is fully natural and completely undetectable, there are various techniques of hair fixing or hair replacement such as hair weaving, hair bonding, and hair silicon system.

There are several advantages of hair fixing such as:

  • It is a non-surgical method that is painless.
  • It is very quick and affordable.
  • It is a very common and popular method.
  • An immediate solution to baldness.
  • Increase hair volume.
hair fixing in Bangalore

We at Wig Designs International offer the best hair fixing treatment, it’s a non-surgical method to cure or treat the baldness where artificial or human hair is fixed to the existing natural hair. The main aim of our firm is to increase the satisfaction of the customers by offering an exceptional hair replacement solution at the most reasonable cost. Our hair experts and professionals are well trained and have rich expertise in this domain to provide simply stunningly realistic appearance through our superior quality hair system. Our hair system is remarkable, outstanding and is undetectable by your original growing hair.

Nowadays there are so many firms who claim that they are the top in offering the excellent hair fixing solution or services, so suggest everyone choose or decide the firms wisely.

Hair Extensions In Bangalore, India

Hair Extensions

If you are experiencing the hair loss or thinning hair, we know it will hit your confidence and make you upset. Hair extensions are the best solution to add volume and length to your natural hair in a matter of minutes, you can play with various colors without making any harm to your hair. Extensions are awesome to accomplish the volume you always dreamed of. Spice up your look with our best hair extensions in Bangalore, India and achieve those voluminous hairs you are dreaming about.

We are in contact with our clients through quality, execution, administration, and help. Conveying the best of significant worth to our clients, we additionally care as much about our clients.

Why Hair Extensions are the best answer for thin and short hair?

As everyone knows hair extensions are the best way to add instant volume, length, and thickness to any hair. Numerous people frustrated by the rate of their hair growth, but with extensions, they no need to wait because extensions will provide instantly updated look with a variety of different styles and keep your hair looking fabulous. These are considered the best solution for women who have thin or short hair.

They will last for as long as possible if you take care of your extensions properly or else they will start to appear artificial and may even drop out. So it is essential to take care of your extensions to get the best out of it.

  • Faster and easier way to get desired hairs. If you’re impatient for your rate of hair growth, then extensions are best to get immediate length and volume.
  • Offers diverse hairstyle options you always wanted and also you can try varied hair colors without any tension of hair damage.
  • Easy to apply and remove, transform your look instantly for all important events and occasions such as interview, speech, business meeting, or social event.
  • Hair thinning can cause loss of confidence, extensions is the perfect way to express your personality by regaining your confidence.
  • More than just an accessory extensions helps to achieve your dream hair, maintain your mood levels and keeps the stress away.

If you have short or thin hairs and you want long or want to add volume to it, then hair extensions can help you to have desired hair immediately. We at Wig Designs International offer best quality hair extensions and ensures you will get long and beautiful hair you dreamed of!